How to Write an Article Review. Tips for Students

When your professors request an article review, you start wondering: “Do I even know how to write an article review? Do I just read the article and review it like I would review a product on Amazon?” Well, since it’s academic writing (we’re talking about) things are more complicated than they initially appear. For a proper article review, you need advanced writing skills. This assignment calls for an in depth summary and evaluation of another writer’s article.

So how do you do it?

In this guide, we’ll provide efficient tips on: how to write a critical review of an article!

First of All: Calm Down! It’s Always Possible to Hire Professional Article Writing Services

Do you know why many students fail to write great article reviews? They panic! When you panic, you cannot focus on the assignment no matter how hard you try. You keep imagining the worst-case scenario and you simply cannot give your best.

Well, guess what: the worst-case scenario is not an option when you can get assistance with writing an article review. If you try and you realize that you don’t have the skills or knowledge to write this review or you can’t organize its structure well, you can always rely on a professional writer.

The important thing is to try! That’s the only way to improve your skills and learn how to review an article. If you need writing help, review writers can come to the rescue.

So you are ready to try? We have some important tips for you to follow.

Pre-Writing Stages. How to Write Article Reviews and Critical Response Papers

Many students get confused when their professors ask them to provide a critical response paper. In it’s basics, this is the same thing as an article review. The assignment requires you to summarize the main idea of the source and respond to it.However, the critical response paper may be focused on a book, piece of art, or any idea. The article review is clearly focused on an academic article.

These tips will work for both types of papers:

  1. The Audience Already Knows What You’re Talking About

When you’re writing a review on the work of other writers, you should consider the background of your target audience. Naturally, the reader is expected to read the article before they get to your review of it. This is not a paper intended for the general audience, so you don’t need to educate much.

You’ll just summarize the main ideas and positions of the article, and then focus on the critique.

  1. Provide Proof!

This is not a simple critique like the one you’d write under some writer’s blog post. It should be written in scholarly language. You’re responding to ideas, theories, and research that academic writers provided. Thus, your response should measure up!

  1. You’re Not Expected to Research

The writer of the article used specific sources to conduct their research. You’re not supposed to search for other resources. You’re solely expected to respond to the author’s research.

  1. Before You Start: Check Out Online Samples

If you have no idea how to approach this assignment, check out at least one sample! It will help you understand the purpose, the point, and the format of an article critique.

  1. Read the Article Very Carefully

You cannot write a successful article review without reading the article first. It’s pure logic. You should read it with a critical thinking approach. Don’t forget to take notes! Otherwise, you’ll easily forget about all ideas you’re getting as you read the article.

  1. Write an Outline!

This is the most important prewriting stage. The outline will serve as a template for your paper. When you have it ready, you’ll just need to fill in the gaps. Here’s how its structure looks like:

Introduction At the beginning, you’ll provide the title of the article, its author, and the journal that published it. You’ll summarize the author’s thesis and main points. At the end of the intro, you’ll provide your own thesis statement.
Body Paragraphs (you need 3 or more) There are two things you should address in the body of article reviews:

·         Express the main arguments and conclusions of the author;

·         Provide your own critique.

Concluding Finally, you’ll briefly summarize the author’s main points and your opinions regarding the article.

Write the Article Review!

This is one of the most challenging types of academic content to write, especially for a college student who is dealing with it for the very first time. Nevertheless, it will be possible for you to write the content when you read the article and craft a great outline.

From that point on, you just have to focus and write the assignment!

Don’t Forget to Edit

It’s strange to see how many students handle the prewriting and writing stages beautifully, and then fail to edit. You must edit! It’s not a choice. It’s a mandatory stage that leads to a well-written scholarly article.

Since it’s difficult to edit your own content, you might consider hiring a professional editing service at this stage. This important thing is to get the content as perfect as possible!

You Can Do It!

  • Reading the article and planning the outline;
  • Providing your summary and critique;
  • Editing the content.

It seems really easy when you put it like that, doesn’t it? In reality, the article review is a challenging assignment. A positive mindset will help you deal with it! This assignment may make higher education more difficult, but it also teaches you a valuable lesson. It teaches you how to think like a critic and debate with advanced experts.

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