The Issue of Expository Writing. How to Approach This Type of Assignment

Before we start telling you how to write this type of paper, let’s answer one of the most common questions that
students have about these assignments: what is the expository essay? According to the simplest definition, an expository
essay is investigates an idea and evaluates the evidence that proves that idea. The essay should also expand on the
idea and offer a strong argument related to it. Continue reading “The Issue of Expository Writing. How to Approach This Type of Assignment”

Step-By-Step Case Study Writing Guide

A case study is an academic paper based on a method of analysis and a specific research design; with an intention to
reconstruct the history of a case and examine alternative solution. The case study format is commonly used in social sciences,
marketing, medicine, economics, physics, politics, and other areas of study.

As a student, you’ll inevitably come down to the point of writing case studies, sooner or later. When you face this
assignment, it would be overwhelming. That’s because your professors give you basic instructions, but fail to provide
you with all details on how to tackle the project. Still, they expect a perfect study based on evidence. Continue reading “Step-By-Step Case Study Writing Guide”